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Welcome to
Last joined us: Sumerfisterakoris! Welcome and wish you a nice game!
Currently, the best player on the server is: Xevadeor (218). Congratulations!
Activated Accounts: 3879
Players: 4845
Active guild wars: 75
Guilds in databese: 72
20 Jul 2014 - Information

We hope you are enjoying the first day on the server.
Firstly, we have an important announcement to make. Team War will not be introduced until Monday or Tuesday because we didn't carry out enough tests. As compensation, we will set better prizes for the winners of the matches during the first couple of days after its' introduction.
We will give you more information on Wednesday or Thursday on how to set up a team and all the rules that will apply during a battle.
We have fully finished the reference system so all rewards can now be collected if someone has invited the needed amount of people.
We will continually update items in the shop. From time to time we will add more items to it.

We expected to have 600-800 players online at the start. We were right.
There shouldn't be any additional problems on the server but during the first few days we advise that you take care while playing.

See you in game!
Posted by Asek
12 Jul 2014 -

On July 19, 13:00 CET, a new edition of ZIVERA.EU will be launched. It's been a long time since the last edition was launched that's why we have a few things that you will enjoy!

We would like to inform you that a week after the launch of the server, we will begin a Tournament in which you can win 375 EURO. It won't be a typical guild tournament, it will be something completely different - a tournament of teams with 10 players in each team. There are two reasons why we decided to organise such tournament.
Firstly, there are less guilds playing on protocol 8.6 nowadays. Organising and gathering 16 guilds is not quite easy and it's not worth it to organise such an event with such a prize for just 8 guilds.
Secondly, when dividing this prize between 20 people, each person would only get a small amount of cash. In this case, when a team wins, each person instead of getting 5 euro, they will get 20 Euro - which sounds way more convincing. Of course there will be a possibility that only the team leader will get the prize, it will all depend on how the whole team will decide.
To make the battles fair there will be a set of rules and restrictions, for example: maximum of 2 knights in a team and no possibility of using potion on another player.
We will also create a new tab on our website where you can create your own team of 13 players (3 players in reserve). This will enable large guilds to divide themselves into few smaller teams in the tournament.
There will be 16-24 teams taking part in the tournament. Detailed information together with the rules will be given soon.

Prizes in the tournament:
1st place - 200 EURO
2nd place - 100 EURO
3rd place - 50 EURO
4th place - 25 EURO

Additionally, each team will get a free ventrillo server 2.1.4 on one of our servers to avoid DDoS attackks. Large guilds can apply for a free 3.0 ventrillo server for the time of their stay on the server.

Team War
To avoid boredom we are introducing a Team War system known from our Karamy server. There will be battles taking place from time to time on special maps. Every player will be able to join. A player will be assigned to one of two teams: blue or red. A player won't lose anything in case of death. For each won match, a player will receive a prize, for example: added stamina.

Recommendation system
We are introducing a new and better recommendation system. To enourage people to register from a reference link, we have a special prize for them! Each person that will register an account from a reference link and will then reach 20 level in-game will be awarded with 1cc. Additionally, a person that will invite someone to register from their reference link will receive a certain award (the awards sum up):
- for 10 invitations - 10 rystal coins
- for 20 invitations - 10 crystal coins
- for 30 invitations - 5 gold nuggets
- for 50 invitations - pair of soft boots

Of course we will be constantly checking if someone isn't cheating and such people will be banned or even deleted.
Also, when people who registered from a reference link will reach a certain level in-game, you will receive special points that you can exchange for prizes!
Points will be given as following:
- for 100 level - 1 point
- for 150 level - 2 points
- for200 level - 3 points
- for 225 level - 4 points
- for 250 level - 5 points

This means that for each person who registered by using your reference link, you can get 15 points. Points can be spent on the following prizes:
- 30 points - 5 gold nuggets
- 70 points - pair of soft boots
- 150 points - addon doll
- 250 points - 7 euro

Please do not ask for premium points on facebook, email or another communication applications. You can only get premium points for advertising our server by using this recommeendation system.

Our shop will be expanded during this edition. This is due to the fact that we are organising a tournament that has to be financed somehow.
New items that will appear in our shop are: frag remover, stamina doll, gold nugget, limited addon doll (without some addons), special weapons and other additional items.
We will try to limit the influence those items will have on the gameplay. We will also offer you many possibilities of getting free premium points. Let's not forget about different discounts.

Is that all? Of course not! Do not forget about many systems that work on our server:
- Guilds chat
- Rapid server save (0.4 sec for 1000 players)
- Huge amount of working quests
- Many working raids
- The most advanced system against hackers
- One of the best maps, with almost no bugs
- Technically advanced website
- Balanced vocations
- Auctions with items (alternative sms shop)
- Recommendation system
- Quick and easy bug report
- Our own fixed algorithms of attacks
- Possibility of changing the layout of casted spells to animated or standard
- Fully woking task system
- Addons rank
- Powergamers
- Top Online
- Quest Makers
- Advanced protection agains DDoS attacks
- Exhausted for amulets and rings
- PvP from level 1 (special protection system until 40 level)
- Advanced anti-push - Possibility of walking through players who are blocking and haven't moved for few minutes
And many other unique systems!
Server Info
We are keeping the experience stages similar to those from Here is how they look:
• 1-50 - x75
• 51-100 - x50
• 101-120 - x25
• 121-140 - x10
• 141-160 - x5
• 161-180 - x3
• 181-200 - x2
• 200+ - x1.3
Skills rate: x15
Magic level rate: x8, x5 for magic voctions
Loot rate: ~x2-x3 (changeable)

What's going to happen after the tournament?
Normally what happens is that after the tournament, the servers are usually dying. We will try to avoid that.
After the tournament which should be over around 9th of August, we will decrease the prices in SMS shop and we will also increase the exp stages if players will agree on that.
We will also carry out a few surveys and we will try to guide the server in the direction that will be given by our players. Maybe we will organise another smaller tournament for the players that will be left on the server.

To enourage you to play, we have some videos from our previous server: Videos

We hope to see everyone on the server!
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13:00 19.07.2014

Posted by Zivera Team
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