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Last joined us: Kabas'ed! Welcome and wish you a nice game!
Currently, the best player on the server is: King Kondzio (235). Congratulations!
Activated Accounts: 4127
Players: 5110
Active guild wars: 41
Guilds in databese: 73
4 Aug 2014 - Quarter-finals
The following teams advanced to quarter-finals:
Group A:
1st place - Boundz
2nd place - ALL STARS
Group B:
1st place - Dark Unit
2nd place - Destiny
Group C:
1st place - KMB
2nd place - Paradise
Group D:
1st place - Prokids

The following changes will take place in the current phase:
- 2 or 3 battles on open maps
- Every player can die up to 3 times in one battle, after the death, he will be summoned back beside a ranom player from his team.
- utevo res ina and utana vid are now blocked, summons are still available.

We remind you that if any team will prove the use of CLA of the opposite team (by showing us a recorded video), then the opposite team will be disqualified. It is up to you to record the videos of battles.

Monday's battles:
18:00 - Boundz vs Destiny
19:00 - All Starts vs Dark Unit
20:00 - Paradise vs Prokids

If the time does not suit some team then we can move a battle to Tuesday ONLY IF both teams will agree.
Posted by Asek
30 Jul 2014 - Next fights
18:00 - prokids vs WITKI BLOODYEGO
18:30 - Rezolution vs Your Darkness
19:30 - Boundz vs CHILL
20:00 - DESTINY vs Everlast
20:30 - ARA MUSI BYC vs Paradise

Posted by Inwob
29 Jul 2014 - Battles
Group AGroup BGroup CGroup D
ALL STARSDark UnitHardstyleprokids
CHILL--Your Darkness

Tomorrow's battles:
18:00 ALL STARS vs Boundz
19:00 Dark Unit vs DESTINY
19:30 Hardstyle vs KARA MUSI BYC
20:00 prokids vs Rezolution
20:30 WITKI BLOODYEGO vs Your Darkness

More information will be given later.
Posted by Asek
29 Jul 2014 - Preparation for Tournament
Information about the dates of battles will be given soon. You could sign up your team until 19:00 CET. Remember that there can be up to 15 people in a team, this includes 5 people in reserve.
We will be testing out the new maps at 21:00-22:00 CET and after that we will post more details about the battles. The regulations will be as follow:
- Using potions on your friend will be impossible.
- In each team there will be maximum 2 EK and 1 RP.
- Exhausted for rings and amulets will be 10 seconds.

There will only be 1 battle in the group phase, whoever wins will gain a point, whoever loses will lose a point. Battles will take place between 18:00 - 21:00 CET. More information will be given soon.
Posted by Asek
28 Jul 2014 - Tournament
The tournament will begin very soon! We encourage you to create your own teams here: Those teams are completely independent from guilds, each team can have up to 15 people in it. This includes 10 people that will participate in battles and 5 additional people in reserve. When the tournament begins, only 1 person per day will be able to join in (or leave) a team, so we ask you to think twice before you choose people to join your team.

UPDATE: We ask everyone to create your teams as fast as possible with minimum 10 players. Otherwise the tournament will have to be delayed. We are waiting for minimum 12 teams with 10 people in each team to start the tournament.

The tournament will begin on Wednesday. You have time to sign up your team until Tuesday, 15:00!. In order to sign up for the tournament, you have to create a team with minimum 10 people and an average level of 150. Then the owner of the team will have to choose an option to join the tournament (THIS OPTION IS NOW AVAILABLE).
The group phase should be over until Friday so we will start quarter-finals, semi-finals and final matches next week. More details and available maps will be given soon!
Posted by Asek
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